The Lazarus Project Season 2 Trailer Sees Time Itself At Risk Of Collapse – Exclusive

The Lazarus Project Season 2

by Sophie Butcher |
Published on

Contains spoilers for The Lazarus Project Season 1.

Ever get a sense of déjà vu? Like you’ve lived this hour, this day, this week, before? That’s exactly what George (Paapa Essiedu) and the rest of The Lazarus Project characters are feeling as we meet them in Season 2, as they find themselves stuck in a three-week time loop that could see the world around them keep being destroyed, over and over, for infinity. Bit of a pickle, eh? Empire has the brand new exclusive trailer for the return of writer Joe Barton’s epic sci-fi show – watch it below.

After the finale of Season 1 saw George break protocol and manipulate time to save his beloved Sarah (Charly Clive), restore her memories of what happened, and end up stuck in a loop of killing Shiv (Rudi Dharmalingam), this trailer promises a whole new level of timey-wimey shenanigans. George and the team have the time loop to contend with; someone has invented an actual time machine, which sees rogue Lazarus agent Janet (Boiling Point’s Vinette Robinson) stuck in the past and in need of saving; and time itself appears to be disintegrating. The stakes could not be higher. Plus, we get a look at new cast member Colin Salmon as some kind of head honcho, implementing a potentially shifty new agenda.

Other returning cast include Caroline Quentin as Lazarus Project leader Wes, Tom Burke as wanted terrorist Rebrov, and Anjli Mohindra as top agent Archie. Will George be able to redeem himself after betraying the Lazarus organisation to save Sarah? Will the team be able to track down Janet? And just who is in charge of this Back To The Future-esque time machine? We’ll find out soon – The Lazarus Project is on Sky Max from 15 November.

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